Appointment of Yannis Natsis as Director of ESIP 08-02-2022


A new chapter for ESIP

The European Social Insurance Platform (ESIP), representing statutory social security institutions from 17 Member States and Switzerland, is delighted to announce that Mr Yannis Natsis has been appointed as Director of ESIP starting from 8 February 2022. He will take over this position from Dr Christine Dawson who is retiring after 20 years of successful work and advocacy on behalf of ESIP in Brussels. 

Moving towards the revision of the EU pharma legislation 21-12-2021


ESIP responds to the public consultation on the revision of EU rules on pharmaceuticals

Under the Pharmaceutical Strategy for Europe, presented in November 2020, the European Commission announced the future revisions of the EU general pharmaceutical legislation as well as of the Regulations on medicines for rare and paediatric diseases. The related legislative proposals are expected by the end of 2022.

ESIP recently discussed the need to revise the general pharmaceutical legislation, with view to increasing affordability by strengthening fair competition and revising the framework for incentives. 

Insuring platform workers - sickness & unemployment 06-12-2021


Updated ESIP study on the social security coverage of platform workers

The European Social Insurance Platform publishes today an updated study on the social security coverage of platform workers, conducted within ESIP, representing social security institutions from 17 Member States and Switzerland. In this study, an emphasis is put on the coverage of the self-employed as many platform workers fall under this category – and typically solo-self-employed (i.e. self-employed that do not have any staff of their own). A further focus was chosen on coverage in terms of sickness and unemployment benefits.

“As EU decision-makers will discuss legislation on platform work, ESIP members are providing their expertise by analysing in detail how platform workers are insured in terms of sickness and unemployment benefits across the EU.” said Ilka Wölfle, ESIP President. 

Promoting the role of social security institutions 06-12-2021


25th anniversary of ESIP

In 2021, ESIP is celebrating 25 years of its existence, 25 years that have been dedicated to promoting the role of social protection systems in the EU.