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ESIP Press Release 11-09-2023


ESIP reacts to the Commission's Communication on digitalisation in social security coordination

A step in the right direction: “Digitalisation is at the core of the modernisation of our social security systems. When deploying new digital solutions, it is crucial to remember that those are not a goal in itself, but a means to offer better services to citizens and businesses. Social security institutions are ready to offer their experience and expertise to design new digital solutions that are people-centred, consistent and implementable”, says Anne-Claire Le Bodic, ESIP President

PROGRAMME ANNOUNCED - 2nd ESIP Annual Forum 05-09-2023


2nd ESIP Annual Forum: Europe's social security systems and the changing world of work

Following the success of the first edition, the European Social Insurance Platform (ESIP) will hold its second Annual Forum on the 12th of October 2023 at Scotland House in Brussels.

"Europe's social security systems and the changing world of work" is this year’s theme.

ESIP Memorandum for the new European Legislature 05-07-2023


Europe’s social security systems: A key pillar for a strong Social Europe

But how do we get there? What should the headline priorities for the next five years be?


Renewal of ESIP leadership 15-06-2023


New Board of Governors elected

On 14 June 2023, the European Social Insurance Platform (ESIP) held its General Assembly meeting in Nice (France), hosted by its member organisation Urssaf. On this occasion, ESIP Members elected their new Board of Governors with a three-year mandate, in accordance with the new ESIP Statutes

Inflation – Fear number one! 21-02-2023


ESIP-FNA workshop on pension and inflation

The European Social Insurance Platform (ESIP) and the & Research Network on Old-Age Provision (FNA) of the German Federal Pension Insurance invite you to the public workshop:

Inflation – Fear number one!’

Social protection as an investment in people 10-10-2022


ESIP contribution to the activities of the High-Level Group on the future of social protection

Social security institutions represented by ESIP play a key role in turning rights into reality for the EU’s population, including in cross-border situations, by implementing national and EU legislation. They are also innovators who strive to improve their systems and services.

E-SOCIAL SECURITY 2.0 - 22 September 2022 22-09-2022


ESIP High-level conference on the digitalisation of social security

On 22 September, ESIP hosted the High-level Conference on "E-Social Security 2.0" under the auspices of the Czech Presidency of the Council of the EU. The event successfully gathered 20 speakers, 130 participants in person and more than 50 online. Members of the ESIP community, the European Commission (EC), Member States and many others from the Brussels stakeholder pool were in the audience.

The programme of the event is available here

This was a major opportunity to launch the ESIP Statement on Digitalisation summarising ESIP Members’ reflection on digital social security leading towards the conference.

Ensuring adequate social protection for platform workers 15-07-2022


ESIP position paper on the directive on platform work

ESIP publishes today its position on the European Commission proposal for a Directive on Improving the working conditions of platform workers. The statutory social protection institutions represented within ESIP welcome the proposal as support to tackle the challenge linked to the emergence of platform work. 

Adapting social security systems to a changing world 28-06-2022


Outcomes of ESIP Workshop - Brussels - 28 June 2022

The European Social Insurance Platform (ESIP) organised on 28 June a workshop on “New risks, new resources and prospects for social protection”, in order to foster a broad discussion among national social security experts and EU decision-makers on this topic. The workshop was inspired by the activities of the High-Level Expert Group on the future of social protection and the welfare state in the EU, chaired by Ms. Anna Diamantopoulou, who attended the event and presented the ongoing work of her group to the audience.

New risks, new resources and prospects for social protection in Europe 02-06-2022


ESIP workshop on the future of social protection - 28 June in Brussels

Is there a risk of erosion of social protection systems due to the ageing of the population in Europe? How can we find new resources to ensure the sustainability of our systems? What new risks should be covered by social protection?