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Rebalance the EU pharmaceutical legislation for the sake of patients! 28-02-2024


Discussions on protection periods need to sober up. These are privileges granted to the manufacturers by the European legislators and they come at a significant cost for patients and the public budgets.

ESIP & MEDEV position on the EU pharma revision 07-11-2023


Recommendations for strong evidence & affordable access to treatment

Today the European Social Insurance Platform (ESIP) and the Medicine Evaluation Committee (MEDEV) publish a comprehensive set of recommendations on the proposals to reform of the EU general pharmaceutical legislation, presented by the European Commission in April 2023.

Towards a successful implementation of the EHDS 06-02-2023


ESIP key messages on the proposal for Regulation on the European Health Data Space

The European Social Insurance Platform (ESIP) welcomes the establishment of the European Health Data Space (EHDS) and puts forward a set of key messages in light of the ongoing institutional negotiations

Medical devices: ensuring availability, preserving safety 18-01-2023


ESIP views in light of the EC proposal amending the Medical Devices Regulation

In May 2017, Regulation (EU) 2017/745 on medical devices (Medical Devices Regulation - MDR) entered into force with the goal to increase the safety of medical devices, raise the requirements for the clinical evaluation of high-risk devices, harmonise assessment by Notified Bodies throughout Europe and increase transparency via a central database on medical devices available on the EU market (EUDAMED). ESIP supports the MDR as an important step towards improving patient safety and the quality of treatment using medical devices.

Rebalancing incentives for truly rare diseases 12-12-2022


ESIP-MEDEV views on the revision of the EU legislation on orphan medicines

In view of the upcoming revision of the EU pharmaceuticals legislation (expected in Q1 2023), ESIP & MEDEV published a joint position on the EU legislation on medicines for rare diseases (orphan medicinal products - OMPs). The ESIP & MEDEV position includes a compilation of amendments to Regulation (EC) 141/2000 & Regulation (EC) 847/2000 and the accompanying position paper.

Strong evidence for informed & timely decisions for the benefit of all patients 21-06-2022


ESIP-MEDEV views on the revision of the EU general pharma legislation

The upcoming proposal by the European Commission on the revision of the EU general pharmaceuticals legislation, expected by the end of 2022, intends to address shortcomings in terms of access to and availability of new treatments. Safety, quality and affordability are crucial elements for bringing effective medicines to the market with
significant benefits for patients and healthcare systems’ sustainability.

Moving towards the revision of the EU pharma legislation 21-12-2021


ESIP responds to the public consultation on the revision of EU rules on pharmaceuticals

Under the Pharmaceutical Strategy for Europe, presented in November 2020, the European Commission announced the future revisions of the EU general pharmaceutical legislation as well as of the Regulations on medicines for rare and paediatric diseases. The related legislative proposals are expected by the end of 2022.

ESIP recently discussed the need to revise the general pharmaceutical legislation, with view to increasing affordability by strengthening fair competition and revising the framework for incentives. 

Proposals to improve EU rules on rare and paediatric diseases 30-07-2021


ESIP responds to the Public Consultation on the Revision of the OMP and paediatrics Regulations

As part of the legislative initiatives under the Pharmaceutical Strategy for Europe, the Commission opened consultations towards the revision of the EU legislation on medicines for children and rare diseases. ESIP provided its feedback building on the 2019 paper on orphan medicinal products and the previous response to the inception impact assessment


Promoting access to health data for healthcare, research & policy-making 26-07-2021


ESIP responds to the Public Consultation on the upcoming European Health Data Space

In view of the legislative proposal for a European Health Data Space (EHDS), expected by the end of this year, ESIP took part in the public consultation process on access to and exchange of health data for healthcare provision, policy-making and research & innovation purposes, as well as on the use of digital health products & services and development & deployment of AI systems applied to healthcare.

How to better address cancer comorbidities & complications 12-07-2021


ESIP reflection paper on new approaches for health insurers

On 12 July, ESIP adopted its reflection paper on Cancer comorbidities and complications: proposals for a new approach for health insurers. The paper was prepared in the wake of the EU’s Beating Cancer Plan, published on 3 February, and as a follow up to the POLITICO Working Group on Cancer Comorbidities that ESIP joined on 24 February.