ESIP reflection paper on new approaches for health insurers

On 12 July, ESIP adopted its reflection paper on Cancer comorbidities and complications: proposals for a new approach for health insurers. The paper was prepared in the wake of the EU’s Beating Cancer Plan, published on 3 February, and as a follow up to the POLITICO Working Group on Cancer Comorbidities that ESIP joined on 24 February. 

The paper explores the topic of personalised, outcome-based care addressing cancer comorbidities, taking stock of new societal, scientific and technological developments and coupled with innovative payment models.

As the costs of cancer treatment associated with co- and pre-existing conditions put severe strain on healthcare systems, especially in light of demographic change and the greater incidence of cancer in old age, ESIP calls to thoroughly consider the issue of comorbidities and complications in the implementation of the Cancer Plan. A twofold approach is suggested:

First, the use of health technologies and particularly integrated health data and genomics would enable personalised risk-assessment, targeted prevention and personalised treatment. This would foster access to tailored and effective care for cancer patients with comorbidities and complications.

Second, the development of personalised, outcome-based medicines should be accompanied by the adaptation of billing and payment systems, upholding the principle of solidarity while maintaining healthcare systems sustainable. Such innovative payment models include population- and subscription-based payments.

Finally, the Paper calls to give consideration to aligning the push for innovation under the Cancer Plan with the affordability agenda under the Pharmaceutical Strategy.

Find the ESIP reflection paper on Cancer comorbidities and complications here.