ESIP position paper on EU health policy

Within its strategic recommendations to EU leaders, the European Commssion stated that the European Union needs to support high-quality, affordable and accessible healthcare. In order to ensure that this is indeed the case, healthcare payers represented by ESIP put forward a position paper on the future health policy of the EU.


As EU leaders will be called on during the Sibiu summit to discuss the future strategy of the EU for the next 5 years, healthcare payers highlight 6 priorities in the field of health policy, with policy recommendations. 


1. Future of health policy: mantaining the EU expertise in health policy

The existing EU competences in the field of health should be sufficiently supported within the next MFF and the European commitment to health should be reflected in the structure of the European Commission. 

2. Public investment in health research and innovation

Access to public funding should be conditioned to open access and open data requirements. Public return on public investment needs to be guaranteed through sufficient transparency on R&D costs.  

3. European cooperation in health technology assessment

A broad scope of joint assessments should be included, encompassing all medical devices. In addition, enough flexibility should be given to Mmeber States to take into account complementary or additional evidence. 

4. Pharmaceuticals and medical devices

Access to affordable medicines and medical devices has to be kept on the political agenda in order to guarantee the sustainability of European healthcare system. National statutory social security need to be fully involved in future policy.

5. Digital transformation of health and care

For the cross-border exchange of electronic health records (EHR) and prescriptions the EU should provide EU-level standards. The European Commission should also promote the exchange of good practices between Member States and national bodies. Digital transformation to take into consideration the digital divide in order to remain inclusive and to avoid introducing inequalities.
6. Prevention and health promotion

The EU should renew its commitment to prevention and health promotion. 


Find out more about our policy recommendations in the ESIP position paper on EU health policy