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Association of the pension schemes of liberal professions in Italy

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Mandatory Pensions and Assistance (liberal professionals)

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European Social and Health Policy focus

  1. AdEPP monitors the available study and analysis on the European and international welfare and social security systems, demographic issues, sustainability of pension systems. At the same time it monitors research, study and in-depth analysis on the labour market of liberal professionals produced by JRC, Eurostat, Commission, European parliament Research Service, OECD, ILO, and other European Agencies.
  2. AdEPP disseminates its reports and studies on the conditions of liberal professions in Italy to the European and international Institutions and organizations (Commission, Parliament, Council).
  3. AdEPP collaborates with similar organizations in other Member States and at international level, too.
  4. AdEPP organizes international conferences and seminars on the following topics: pensions systems sustainability, demography, investments and ESG, digitization of the labour market and skills of liberal professions, active ageing and intergenerational cooperation.
  5. AdEPP contributes to the EU legislative process by participating in the public consultations and by providing comments to the proposals of the EU legislators, also in the form of Position Papers.

Aim, structure and tasks of the organization

    AdEPP main purpose is to safeguard the autonomy of the Pension Schemes of the liberal professionals. To this aim AdEPP coordinates the institutional relations as well as the policies in the field of social, welfare and social security pursued by each single Pension Scheme associated in AdEPP. Among the main activities carried out by AdEPP there are: - Promotion of health care, supplementary welfare and social security activities as well as recreational and cultural services, in favour of the associated Pension Schemes of the liberal professions; - Research, study and in-depth analysis of the issues of welfare and social security systems as well as labour market environment of liberal professionals at national, European and international level; - Preparation of reports and researches on liberal professions by means of the data managed by the associated Pension Schemes; - Promotion of relations with public and private institutions and bodies active in the field of pension, welfare, and social security both in Italy and abroad; - Collaboration with EU, national and regional institutions and organizations for the planning and implementation of common projects in support of liberal professions; - Organization of Conferences and seminars on topics related to the activities of the associated Pension Schemes; - Promotion of all-risk insurance cover for both the professionals' risks and the employees' of the associated Pension Schemes; - Training and professional updating of the employees of the associated Pension Schemes; - Promotion of the activities of the Association and the Pension Schemes of the liberal professionals via the AdEPP Portal, Newsletters, Social networks, Workshops, etc.; - Preparation of political and legislative proposals on the issues of competence (pension, social security, welfare, active policies, training, demography). Furthermore, AdEPP is in charge of the stipulation and amendment of collective bargaining (labour agreements) related to the employees of the associated Pension Schemes as provided for by the legislation in force from time to time.

Membership Info

If you are a national organisation responsible for statutory social insurance and would like information on becoming an ESIP member, please contact the Director.


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