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European Social and Health Policy focus

  1. Unemployement benefits
  2. Career break and time credit

Aim, structure and tasks of the organization

    The NEO is a public social security institution managed by its management committee and administered by an administrator-general, his deputy and 5 directors-general. The main office is in Brussels and there are 30 offices grouped into 16 districts, called unemployment offices. The NEO wants to provide social protection and support transitions in the labour market by being a point of reference for good management and customer orientation. Some of the tasks the NEO takes care of: grant the right to unemployment benefits and fix the amount of the allowance, check the allowances paid by the payment agencies, grant the right to career break/ time credit and authorize the payment of allowances, support the reintegration of jobseekers, in cooperation with other relevant bodies, maintain the unemployment system by intervening preventively and combating misuse, abuse and fraud, apply the legal and regulatory provisions on unemployment insurance, issue the unemployment certificates, provide payment agencies with information to workers and employers and activities of reception and information to citizens.

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