CSSZ • Czech Republic

Ceská Správa Sociálního Zabezpecení


Insured risk(s)/benefits

Old-age, survivors, and invalidity benefits
Sickness benefits
Maternity benefits

European Affairs : -

 Krížová 25, 225 08 Prague 5, Czech Republic
 + 420 257 062 115
 + 420 257 063 032

European Social and Health Policy focus

  1. Old-age, survivors, invalidity and death benefits (pensions)
  2. Sickness benefits in cash
  3. Collection of social security contributions
  4. Medical assessment services
  5. Applicable legislation in cross-border movement

Aim, structure and tasks of the organization

    CSSZ is the most important social insurance institution in the Czech Republic. CSSZ Headquarters comprises 1400 employees and regional and local offices a further 6700 employees. With the exception of the personnel of the Ministry of Defence, Ministry of Interior, Ministry of Justice and Ministry of Finance, CSSZ covers all insured persons. Its main tasks are : - collection of social security contributions - payment of pension benefits - payment of sickness benefits in cash and maternity benefits - evaluation of the state of health and working ability of insured persons for the purposes of social security

Membership Info

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