Eurofound report on non-standard forms of employment refers to ESIP's questionnaire

On the occasion of the Estonian Presidency conference “Future of work: making it e-Easy” held on 13 and 14 September 2017, the European Foundation for the improvement of living and working conditions (Eurofound) provided a background paper on non-standard forms of employment. 

The report analyses the growth of non-standard forms of employment over the last decades and the impact of digitalisation. Taking a closer look at digital work, the report covers the issue of social protection coverage and cites the first results of the ESIP questionnaire on pensions coverage of platform workers. Eurofound highlights that ESIP found that platform workers often fall under the self-employment category and that social security coverage is compulsory in half of the EU countries. Eurofound points out that the results of the ESIP questionnaire constitutes a review of the legal situation as it was indeed a methodological choice on ESIP’s part to gain a better understanding of the legal situation in each Member State. The report acknowledges however that ESIP has planned to conduct further studies on this topic. Indeed, other social security sectors have to be included.   Find more in the ESIP mapping of the statutory pension coverage of platform workers and in the Eurofound report.