ESIP-AIM Joint position on Access to Innovative Medicines

 Healthcare payers stress that dialogue is needed to ensure long-term sustainable access to innovative pharmaceuticals. Innovation in pharmaceuticals should aim at maximising benefits for patients while contributing to the sustainability and universality of healthcare systems.

With prices of new medicines rocketing, ESIP and AIM, the European organisations of not-for-profit healthcare insurers ring the alarm bell and make recommendations to improve policies and mechanisms concerning innovative medicines.

First and foremost, research and development (R&D) in pharmaceuticals should be steered to the needs of patients and society: “There are many reasons to give priority to this topic. To ensure, also in the long term, access to pharmaceuticals for all those in need, we have to make sure that we focus R&D on areas of public health priorities”, says AIM Director Menno Aarnout. Moreover, public involvement in research and development costs of pharmaceuticals must be reflected in their final price.

 AIM and ESIP ask for the strengthening of pricing and reimbursement (P&R) mechanisms. Health Technology Assessments (HTA) should provide the basis for P&R decisions “We believe that reimbursing products which do not provide measurable benefits for the patients is unfair”, stated Chris Dawson, ESIP Director.

For AIM and ESIP it is very important that transparency is increased across the board. “To be able to discuss the future of pharma policy in the EU, we need reliable data about costs of R&D, marketing expenditure, prices and proven effectiveness of pharmaceuticals”, says Aarnout.
Dawson: “Only on this basis we can ensure sustainable access to innovative pharmaceuticals, which is to the benefit of patients, payers and providers.”

Find out more in our joint position paper.