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Interessenvertretung der Innungskrankenkassen


Insured risk(s)/benefits

Sickness benefits - maternity benefits - employment injuries/occupational diseases - family benefits

European Affairs : -

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European Social and Health Policy focus

  1. Open Method of Coordination in the health-care sector
  2. Questions of cross-border take up of benefits
  3. Influences of the European competition and cartel law
  4. Developments on single markets with signification to the statutory health insurance

Aim, structure and tasks of the organization

    The IKK-Association aims the prevention of sickness as well as a high quality medicinal supply and an appropriated aftercare. The IKK is the health insurance scheme of the craftsmen. The IKK is a self-managed corporate body of public law. The body of authority comes out of the general elections. Number of member organisations: 23 guild health insurance schemes. Regular insured single persons: 3,2 millions. Insures all together with family members: 4,5 millions.

Membership Info

If you are a national organisation responsible for statutory social insurance and would like information on becoming an ESIP member, please contact the Director.


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